Customer Loyalty Program

It enables individual customers to use a pre-paid card for cashless transactions to refuel their vehicles. It can identify customers and turn them into a returning customer by earning points on every transaction. The reward points can be redeemed through a C-Store, and can be customized according to the company’s marketing strategy. It will give you a database of the individual customers who were unknown previously, makes a powerful tool for market research & business direction. It gives peace of mind for individuals who want to follow a budget for their drivers or other dependents.


Ready to use cards can be found from any c-store. There will be a standalone (master) terminal installed in every c-store for loyalty card recharging. The same standalone terminal  can be used to transfer balance form one card to the other. A mobile friendly web portal will also be available for the loyalty customers to re-charge their cards. The web portal can also be used to track the activity history and deactivation of the card. The redeemable reward coupons can be attained from this web portal as well.


The system will be supported by a complete head office solution installed in the local server, which will integrate all your stations with your head office finance and IT. It will maintain the sales record; provide statuses and customized reports on sales, inventory, etc., can be accessed remotely through a PC, tablet or a smart phone.