• UPP Electrofusion Piping – Single Wall

    UPP pipework is a highly efficient electrofusion welding process which connects pipe and fittings to create a seamless direct burial pipework system. Due to its impressive T1 rating, it maintains a very high level of safety and is structurally resistant to weight of backfill and dynamic traffic loads. Life expectancy of 50+ years and a standard warranty of 30 years.  Non-conductive, zero static, 100% leak-free performance record.  Available in 63mm, 90mm, and 110mm dia


  • UPP Electrofusion Piping – Double Wall with Gemini

    A further level of protection can be provided by using UPP secondary containment pipework. Co-axial sleeve pipe is co-extruded over UPP Extra lined primary pipe, which provides an uninterrupted interstitial space between the primary and secondary pipe.

    Non-conductive, zero static, zero hazard, zero incident.  Available in 75x63mm, 110x90mm, and 125x110mm dia


  • Petrolite Tank Access Chambers

    With the PetroTite Standard and Optimum fusion chambers the riser electrofuses to the chamber base, no bolts, and no leaks. Quick installation with no bolt holes. Vacuum testable. Specific testing at critical points ensures a leak-proof installation. Tank access remains dry and protected even in high water table areas. Compatible with all UPP electrofusion entry seals. Fully welded UPP system, eliminating mechanical joints andleaks.

  • Under Dispenser Containment Sumps

    Rigid and thick one-piece PE body with reinforced contoured structure. No Leak Paths – one system when using UPP Electrofusion(EIF) Entry Seals. Conduits can enter the dispenser through mounting frame without penetrating the sump wall. The PetroTite Ribbed Dispenser Sumps neck can be trimmed to adjust sump burial depth. Stabilizer bars feature pre-drilled shear valve mounting plate and spring channel nuts.

  • Composite Base Spill Container

    Available in 19 liters, 4” BSPT, composite base and FRC, rain tight cover. The spill containers are designed to collect spilled product that occurs during normal tank filling on underground storage tanks. The durable and flexible polyethylene shell is designed to move with natural ground movements. The shell is equipped with a gravel guard to prevent backfill material from filling in around the movable shell, eliminating problems with ground movement.

  • Tank Access Covers

    Available in 38” fiber reinforced composite access cover; rain tight with 10” skirt and cam locks. Manway covers are ultra-lightweight. Engineered and tested to exceed the D.O.T. H20 load ratings. Covers weigh almost one-third less than steel.