• FIREFLEX™ Flexible Connectors

    USA NFPA 30-A fire rated. All metal construction means one flexible connector for both aboveand below ground applications. Testable under full vacuum. An 18-8 alloy with titanium, 321 Stainless Steel inner core provides along service life. Standard wall thickness with close pitch corrugations gives moreflexibility. The 346 Integral Male Swivel ensures ease of installation with a multi-seal design. Thick, schedule 80 hex end fittings protect against deformation of the ends. UL 2039 approved for 50psi working pressure. Custom lengths and configurations available.

  • Emergency Shear Valve (Shutoff Valve)

    Shut-off valves immediately stop product flow in the event of fire or collision at the dispenser. A patented top shears clean upon impact, causing the poppet to seal on the valve body preventing fuel spillage. When fire occurs, a fusible link releases the fulcrum arm, engaging the poppet. Standard 1-1/2″ openings allow minimal flow restriction and a pre-drilled test plug is included for line pressure testing. Main poppet seals in valve body, preventing accidents when replacing adapters. Fusible link closes poppet in the event of a fire (74ºC)

  • AutoLimiter® II Automatic Overfill Prevention Valve

    The AutoLimiter® overfill prevention valve is a self-contained two-stage positive shut-off valve designed to prevent the overfill of an underground storage tank (UST) during a gravity product delivery. When the liquid level of the UST reaches about 92% of the tank capacity during a fill, the product in the tank raises the lower float of the valve. The primary poppet of the valve is then released and reduces flow to about 10% of normal flow. The sudden reduction in flow created by the closing of the primary poppet provides “line shock” to the fill hose notifying the delivery driver the tank is nearing 95% capacity.

  • Valves

    Top quality ball valves, vertical check valves, angle check valves designed and tested for pressurized fuel lines are available.

  • Vent Cap

    Aluminum Upward Discharge 2″ Screw Fixing, Dome-shaped top drains off moisture including rain, snow and ice. 30 mesh prevents dirt and debris from entering vent lines.

  • Top Seal Fill Pipe Adapter

    Constructed of ASTM B62 corrosion resistant brass. Nitrile gasket for a secure seal onto the fill pipe.

  • Top Seal Fill Caps

    Aluminum Lockable. Extruded brass cam arm. Cap body made of corrosion resistant epoxy coated Aluminum.

  • Spin-on Dispenser Filters

    Cim-Tek 400 Series dispenser filters are available in Microglass, Hydrosorb®, and cellulose are available in 10 and 30 microns, with cleaning efficiency upto 97%

  • Seraphin® Volumetric Test Measure

    Three inch OD neck provides the 20 Liter measure with a 10 milliliter resolution. The Seraphin® field test measure has a S/S bottom grip to help facilitate pouring. A one-piece scale plate, with graduations on both sides, makes reading the meniscus easier. The Seraphin® Series E3 test measure is manufactured of type 300 stainless steel, which resists ordinary rusting, can be easily cleaned, resists organic chemicals, no slag and requires no internal coating.