Wayne FusionTM 6000

This is a next generation; Microsoft Windows based system, which seamlessly interfaces and gives you single point of control over:

  • Your dispensers
  • Tank gauging system
  • Local & Head office reporting
  • Attendant tagging system
  • Electronic payment terminals
  • Fleet management
  • Vehicle identification system
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Equipment security & safety
  • Auto calibration
  • Sales & inventory reconciliation

You can layer all these solutions with one Fusion forecourt controller to help reduce deployment and implementation cost. By giving

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better visibility over your entire infrastructure with one single tool, maintenance costs are reduced, and there are fewer potential points of failure. You simply plug the Fusion Forecourt Controller, hookup your devices, and you are connected and in control. With Fusion Forecourt system’s in-depth web reporting capabilities, you can get better visibility on sales, operations, inventory, and equipment. This system is also compatible multiple vendors of dispensers.



Fusion Headoffice Solution & iSense TM­­­ Remote Monitoring

This can be acquired and installed on your servers in your head office or could be cloud based. It provides you real-time picture of all your stations, sitting in your office remotely or even when you are on the move on your smart phone. It provides customizable analytics for your sales, inventory, financial and maintenance requirements. It also offers you full remote control over your stations down to level of each fueling nozzle or fuel tank.