Attendant Tagging Solution

For this solution contactless Tag readers are mounted on each side of every dispenser which is also connected to the fore court controller on the site. Every attendant on the station is provided with the handheld tags/cards, which are presented to the tag readers every time to activate the respective fueling nozzle in order to refuel a car.

This system is very useful on the stations with cash sales, where attendants collect the money from the customer. The controller records every transaction done by each attendant on the site, enables the site manager to know how much sales each attended did, and how much cash to be collected from whom. This also completely eliminates the possibly of fuel theft from the dispensers as no nozzle will be activated without using the assigned tag/card.

The controller will also be able to generate analytical reports showing which fueling points or attendants are more active and their sales volumes history can be analyzed. The hardware can be further layered with fleet management by upgrading software to the Fusion 6000 controller.

The RFID contactless tag readers come with large 2 lines character display and with 4 programmable indicators LEDs and buzzer.