Credit/Debit Card Payment Solution

It enables customer to use any of his debit or credit cards directly on the fuel dispensers. The customer can fuel his car even if the station is unattended. He will be required to insert the card, enter the amount, and enter the pin to activate the corresponding nozzle. Once the car is refueled and he places the nozzle on the nozzle boot, he can remove his card. He can collect his paper receipt from the thermal printer on the dispenser, same as on any ATM.

The payment terminal hardware can be retro-fitted to the existing fuel dispensers, or can work as a separate outdoor payment terminal, and will be connected to the bank as well as the server in the head office (or cloud server). The system will work in both online and offline mode.

The system will be supported by a complete head office solution installed in the local server, which will integrate all your stations with your head office finance and IT. It will maintain the sales record; provide statuses and customized reports on sales, inventory, etc., can be accessed remotely through a PC, tablet or a smart phone.